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Your Washing Machine Could Be Making You Sick.

6-Year Old Washing Machine used by a family of 4, taken apart

Your washing machine can make you sick.

Even after several huge washing machine manufacturers agreed to settle a number of class action lawsuits against them, mold and mildew can still be a huge concern to your health…
That's the bad news.
The good news is, there is something you can do about it right now.

It all starts with an odor in your clothes.
"It kind of smells like something has rotten in there,” says front-loading washer owner,Francesca Watts.Annoying, but all too common for any washing machine owner.
At his Newport appliance store, Julien says, he sees and hears about it a lot from customers.
'"It does happen very often, and I mean it's not cheap to repair either.” In fact, Julien points out, it can cost up to $300, $400 or even $500 to fix, depending on the model of your washer. The reason is that harmful, black mold gets underneath the drum and in the rubber gasket.

"The Perfect Nursery for Mold to Grow"

Julien says “there will always be water in that washer. it will never fully drain out.” Much of that water remains underneath the drum. The perfect nursery for mold to grow.
“If you have a front loader, you’ll also slowly start seeing mold in the rubber gasket,” points out Julien. “That's when people start noticing that something’s wrong with their washer”

“Once you take it apart, it’s much worse,” Julien shows, presenting the drum he pulled out of another washer.
“Like I said, it will spread out all the way through until there won't be any spot that does not have any mold.”
Once it starts, every spin of the drum helps to spread that mold through your clothes.
Mold spores can also spread very easily in your home and that, says Dr.Baz of the Baz Allergy, Asthma and Sinus center, can lead to anything from hay fever sneezing, watery eyes, headaches, sinus infections and even asthma in sensitive individuals.

But, it doesn't have to be that way. Julien shows us his favorite, cost-effective solution to treat mold in your washer without the need of taking it apart and spending 100s of dollars. He pulls out a little pack of Tablets called “LANSU”.


"They Literally Doubled the Lifespan of some Washers"

“These are truly amazing” he says. “Use 2-3 of them at first if you’ve never cleaned your washer before, then 1 tablet every 1-2 months will do the job. Simply throw them into your washer, run the cleaning cycle (or select the largest load on highest temperature setting) and you won’t have any ugly surprises” On top of that, LANSU also claims their tablets kill 99.2% of all the bacteria & pathogens in your washer. We have tested this and can only confirm their statement. “Since I have discovered them, I recommend these to all my clients. They have literally doubled the lifespan of some of my customers washers already.” Julien adds. 

LANSU Tablets are also 100% Septic Safe and work with any kind of washing machine - front & top loaders as well as HE & non HE washers.

Here are my own Results:

After I heard Julien rave about the LANSU tablets, I wanted to try them for myself. Because I won't be able to see the full results by just throwing a tab into the washer, I asked Julien if he would be willing to disassemble my washer before and after running the cleaning cycle with the LANSU Tabs. 

He actually agreed to visit me at my house the next day, thanks again to Julien for making this happen. I have to be totally honest - before doing my research for this article, I also didn't know how important it is to clean your washer properly. I had been running the cleaning cycle on my top loader machine here and there, but that was pretty much it. 

To see the real-life results, he disassembled my washer before we got started with the Tablets. I took the before pictures, he then reassembled it for me and I ran a cleaning cycle with 2 LANSU Tablets. While he left to see a different client, I couldn't believe what I saw earlier... My very own, only 5 year old machine was looking absolutely filthy on the inside, when I thought I was keeping it clean...

After 3 hours, Julien came back to disassemble my washer - once again. The results were absolutely amazing. I never thought these little tablets could do such wonders to my washer. The drum itself literally looked like it was new! In other parts of the washer there surely were some little cracks left that weren't cleaned to 100%, but the results were still overwhelming to me. "If you have a front loader, sometimes residues in the rubber rim need to be wiped with a paper towel" Julien said.
 Writing this article has truly opened my eyes and the LANSU Tablets really have changed my life since then.Without them, I would have needed to pay a professional like Julien the same to deep clean my washer, as I would pay to buy a new one. That's one more reason why he loves the tablets so much. "When it seems like it's already too late, most people usually just buy a new washer instead of cleaning their old one. That's very bad for the environment." Julien adds. LANSU Tablets only use eco-friendly ingredients.

Final Thoughts

I think these tablets are a must-have for every washing machine owner. They reliably clean your washer, kill all the dangerous mold, mildew & bacteria and even enhance the lifespan of your washer, thereby saving you tons of money on not having to buy a new one so soon. Plus they are environmentally friendly, not tested on animals (vegan-friendly), septic safe and work for all washers. Thanks once again to Julien for opening my eyes.

LANSU is currently running a promotion for up to 40% Off your order if you choose one of their value bundles. Plus they have a 100% money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied.  

The last time I wanted to buy another pack they were all sold out, so stock up on your supply on time. You really can't have enough of these, always remember to clean your washer regularly for the best possible results. Since I started using them, my family has been asking me why the clothes are smelling so good all of a sudden. I can only recommend these tablets to all my readers.

Lucas F.

Used 1 tab in hot wash cycle. Cleaned to a degree but not 100%. Tried again with 2 tabs and looks amazing now. Never cleaned my washer before that. Thanks a lot for this article, more people should learn about this!!

Janka L.

Amazing results! Used once and my clothes are already smelling so much cleaner. Thanks.

Hermine C.

Only got my first washing machine recently and I'm so happy i found this on time. my mom used to have problems with bad smell with her front loader all the time, my brother would even get get skin infections from time to time. I gave her 2 of my tabs to try and since then it smells great again, my brothers skin infections are also gone so far. We can recommend it